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Divination (Christian movie)
  • DIVINATION (Movie 2011)
  •  'Divination' is pure spiritual warfare, a thriller like no other. Do not trust every spirit. 
  • This movie is a good reminder of how many people live at the mercy of fear and demonic attack, and it shows how simple it can be to come under protection through the blood covenant we have in Christ. He holds the keys! This is one of the most difficult subjects to portray, and it's done with respect and reverence. The acting and cast are great. 
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  • I'd be hesitant to show this to young children or anyone who might become enthralled with the desire to see angels and demons. We need to be more enthralled with the One who makes it all possible for us to live in joy and peace, love and prosperity. He has a name and He is still alive today. His power is what gives the authority to those we see at work here. But we can meet Him, too! No need to settle for the servants when we can enjoy the Lord of the house. However, this film also has a broad appeal.
God's Galaxy (movie)
  • God's Galaxy is a first step to make a Christian Game and a Christian movie.
  •  There will be a separete website for the movie: GOD'S GALAXY
  • Stay tuned!