Defenders of Faith 2 (Game)
  • The "Defenders of Faith 2" is the second part of the game sequence (the first part is an L.E. online version of the game - coming soon!). The Defenders 2 is based on the Bible verse:He (God) has made My mouth like a sharp sword. He has hidden Me in the shadow of His hand. He has made Me a shining arrow, keeping Me in His secret place. Isaiah 49:2
  • Website: Defenders of Faith 2: Lies Shooter 2018
The Bible Game
  • The Bible Game
  • 7 years ago, the work began, 100 pastors came on as advisors, 900 people joined to fund it and today, it's $0,00 for you! 
  • Download here (1GB):  
  • The Game starts with David when he was a young shepherd.
  • The graphics are excellent, the game made with Unreal Engine (as far as we can see).
  • We will come back for a more complex review (and a gameplay maybe) after we have finished the game.


Adam's Venture Chronicles
  • Adam's Venture Chronicles
  • We have bought the game (all Christian games we will buy and test). We will test it soon and will come back with a fresh review.
  • Embark on a bold adventure in Adam’s Venture: Origins. Set in the roaring 20’s, in Adam’s Venture: Origins you will explore ancient ruins, and recover mysterious artifacts. Together with your trusted accomplice Evelyn, you will have to outsmart the evil Clairvaux company.
  • Buy the game here:
  • or here (Bundle):


FIVE: Guardians of David
  • FIVE: Guardians of David  
  • FIVE: Guardians of David is a Diablo-style action-RPG set in the ancient lands of Canaan. 
  • Lead and play the five heroes, battling across exotic locations filled with archaic cultures, rich characters, and powerful artifacts. Experience one of the greatest stories ever told in this 11-Act epic.
  • Guardians of David is a game that tells a Biblical story of faith. 
  • Developer:
  • You can buy the game here:
Visual effects (VFX)
  • Visual effects (VFX)
  • This site is about new developed Christian Games and movie/video effects (VFX) by us using free or commercial available assets. 
  • Sometimes we are mixing separated things together: we are creating background footages from a game scene or creating a game using visual related assets. Because creativity has no limits or borders, we also have no limits (as God has no limits and we are His children) and maybe coming up with something really unusual. Content will grow fast, just visit us once a week. Any kind of support is welcome.
Visual effects for video and movies
  • Particle Systems
  • We have a special attention to the particle systems on this website, because particle systems are the best techniques to create motion graphics, and computer graphics that uses a large number of very small sprites, 3D models, or other graphic objects to simulate certain kinds of "fuzzy" phenomena, which are otherwise very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques - usually highly chaotic systems, natural phenomena, or processes caused by chemical reactions.


Divination (Christian movie)
  • DIVINATION (Movie 2011)
  •  'Divination' is pure spiritual warfare, a thriller like no other. Do not trust every spirit. 
  • This movie is a good reminder of how many people live at the mercy of fear and demonic attack, and it shows how simple it can be to come under protection through the blood covenant we have in Christ. He holds the keys! This is one of the most difficult subjects to portray, and it's done with respect and reverence. The acting and cast are great. 
  • Trailer:
  • I'd be hesitant to show this to young children or anyone who might become enthralled with the desire to see angels and demons. We need to be more enthralled with the One who makes it all possible for us to live in joy and peace, love and prosperity. He has a name and He is still alive today. His power is what gives the authority to those we see at work here. But we can meet Him, too! No need to settle for the servants when we can enjoy the Lord of the house. However, this film also has a broad appeal.
God's Galaxy (movie)
  • God's Galaxy is a first step to make a Christian Game and a Christian movie.
  •  There will be a separete website for the movie: GOD'S GALAXY
  • Stay tuned!
God's Galaxy (game)
  • God's Galaxy is a first step to make a Christian Game and a Christian movie.
  • This is just a small part of the game. You can even travel at light speed in Space (TAB).


The Bible Collector (game)